We proudly announce the launch of our latest product "AlphaBeeps", a product that is based on the Augmented Reality technology. This unique and creative product presents an interesting case of the usage of technology to enhance learning.

"AlphaBeeps" has been made available in two variants - book and flash cards. The product has been developed under the umbrella brand "VizARd".

"AlphaBeeps" is an interactive alphabet-learning product developed for toddlers. It has been designed such that each page of the book or each flash card has an alphabet (starting A through Z) printed on it. Though it does sound like any other alphabet book, here is the twist - each of these alphabet pages or cards have codes embedded in it. The book or flash cards has a short list of instructions for the reader to enable the reader to enjoy the interactive feature of the product.

The reader will have to place the book or flash cards in front of the webcam of a windows based computer (desk top / laptop). Having done this, the reader will witness a wonderful animation reel running instantaneously and automatically representing that particular alphabet moving on the screen. Hence, if the page of the book or flash card is having alphabet A in front of the webcam, you would see an Apple jumping on the screen with a melodious voice reciting the words "A for Apple, Appy Apple". The process repeats itself for the remaining alphabets.

VizARd-AlphaBeeps Product Video

VizARd-AlphaBeeps Demo of Book

VizARd-AlphaBeeps Demo of Flash Card

Address to Parents by Dr. Vijay Gokhale Sir