Directors Profile

      Dr.Vijay Gokhale
      Technical Director

It's said that life is integrated but observer is analytic. Therefore, although we will take analytic journey through the multi-dimensional achievements of Dr. Vijay D.Gokhale, his impact on the organization as a technical director and as a person , is more than just the sum of parts. By formal education, he is a doctor of human body and has BAMS degree. In depth study of this very complex system, at the start of his career, later on became a rich source of analogies while mastering other fields which gave rise to his core “Knowledge is Interrelated” philosophy. The impact of this principle is so deep that it runs like an invisible thread not only through his own life but also through the work culture of the organization.

During the medical college period [1986-1991], to fight his internal demons of somewhat suppressed personality, which were the result of environment he grew in, he entered the world of drama. It is here that artist in him blossomed and his latent creative urges found an expression. He succeeded here as a director winning the accolades of the classes and the masses alike.

Science education, coupled with his expanded vistas of personality, he once challenged the rationale and workings of astrology which happened to be his father's expertise. His father dealt with this scepticism in a very pragmatic manner and did not force his belief on his son, which was a norm at that time. Instead his father invited him to study the field for himself and then asked to come to a conclusion. This resulted not only in Dr. Vijay D. Gokhale, mastering the field of astrology but also resulted in him acquiring a habit of doing everything first hand before coming to a conclusion. Little did he know then, that his expertise in medical sciences, astrology, his blind love for drama, and habit of doing everything first hand was all going to come together, to make him one of the most outstanding computer programmers. But then again, one can connect the dots only looking backwards.

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      Satish Pawar
      Co-Founder & Director

Satish, a technology buff, has always had keen interest in the computer software domain. He completed his M.Sc. in Computer Science from Fergusson College, Pune. Satish began his career with Persistent Systems as a Software Engineer. Thereafter, he founded Sterling School of Computer Science and Research along with another technology enthusiast. He has spent last 5 years of his careers working in IT sector, performing varied roles – being a co-founder at Sterling School Computer Science and Research, co-founder at Sterling Systems, teaching computer science to the enrolled students and developing numerous applications with his deep acumen on the subject.

Satish has immense knowledge and expertise in areas such as Speech Recognition, Image Processing, System Programming, Database Programming, Web application development along with scripting language like Shell, Perl, Python.

Amongst this wide range of domains, Speech Recognition and Image Processing are two of his key areas of expertise. He has developed numerous speech recognition applications for both Windows and Linux operating systems. As part of Image Processing, he has handled various projects dealing with optical character recognition, text identification and text localization in images. He has also developed an image processing application using low level C++ APIs.

Satish’s main responsibility is to handle overall Sterling Systems operations. Apart from overseeing the overall operations, Satish’s responsibility is to lead Sterling Systems’ technical operations. He is also responsible for introducing and executing new product ideas at Sterling Systems. As a part of which, he has worked on some highly productive real time applications for various automotive clients.

      Shambhavi Badave
      Co-Founder & Director

Shambhavi, a people’s person, is also one of the co-founders at Sterling Systems. Having completed her M.Sc. In Computer Application, she has been working in this domain since past 4 years.

Shambhavi started her career by founding Sterling School of Computer Science and Research in the year 2008 along with Mr. Satish. And after a year of operations at the training centre, they both along with the other two technology mavericks founded Sterling Systems Pvt. Ltd. as software product development company.

Shambhavi’s tendency to stay organized, her positive outlook towards life and her characteristic of being a people’s person make her right fit for her role, she is the Chief Operating Officer at Sterling Systems. Being a Chief Operating Officer, she is responsible for the organization’s internal execution.

She thus takes care of team’s overall vision, employee retention, corporate initiatives, accounts and administration. Along with these responsibilities, Shambhavi also plays the role of an advisor for the organization. She thus advices the team on areas like business direction and corporate goals.