Keep In Touch


Keep in Touch (KiT) is comprehensive business contacts management system, which will help you to manage your business contacts and sales team very efficiently through which you get higher revenues in your business.

Manage & Organize Customers Information

  • Easy and Fast mechanism to create, edit contact information
  • Facility to import or export multiple contacts from or to excel
  • Smart & efficient search for any contact saved in system
  • Special feature to save only mobile numbers
  • Share any selected contact with any other mobile number
  • Duplicate contacts are identified and cannot be saved
  • Unlimited contacts can be saved in KiT
  • Organize your contacts in unlimited groups

Manage Tasks for Customers

  • Facility to create and edit unlimited task for any contact
  • Maintain Task Status like Not Started, In Progress, On Hold, Completed
  • Facility for reminders of todays task
  • Notification for Overdue tasks
  • Task history of any contacts can easily accessible
  • Easy and Efficient Search Facility for Tasks

Integrated Bulk SMS Facility

  • In built facility to send SMS using Bulk SMS Feature
  • Facility to send Thousands of SMS to selected contacts, individual contacts, to groups
  • Reminders to send SMS to contacts who have birthday and anniversary
  • Unlimited 6 digit sender ID’s are supported
  • Independent web based interface for sending SMS is also available.
  • SMS can be sent in any Indian or any international language
  • You can Create or use inbuilt SMS templates for sending SMS

Manage your Sales/Marketing Team using KiT-App

  • Facility to register your any number of sales executives in KiT
  • Registered Sales team executive can install & activate KiT-App through simple steps
  • Every sales executive can save any number of contacts in KiT-App
  • Every contacts saved by sales team will get saved in KiT via KiT-Server
  • KiT-App has facility save, edit, call, message to saved contacts
  • Facility to import contacts from phone
  • Sales team can maintain contacts specific notes in KiT-App
  • More important location of every sales executive will get tracked in KiT

Visitor Management System (VMS)

  • Keep track of every visitor of your office along with his/her photo
  • Facility to save all employee information catagerized in departments
  • Manage visitor status like, Waiting, In Meeting, Cancelled Meet, Completed
  • Keep history of all visitors to office
  • Facility to Send Welcome SMS to Visitor
  • Block any visitor to avoid unwanted entries to office
  • Save visitor information only 1 time and use it later whenever he visits your office.