Satta-The Power is the complete solution and technology platform for managing voters and party workers of any constituency. Satta can be used for any elections from Parliament to Grampanchayat! The main use of Satta is to save all voter information along with all possible data of voter at central storage location and perform analysis on the top of collected voter data and use it for elections. Having all voters data at single click will make election easier and time efficient. In political career and elections party workers are main pillars of the any candidate. Satta focuses on managing all party workers information efficiently and provides platform for making communication medium stronger between candidate and party worker.
      Cloud Based Platform

      Cloud Based Platform

      Cloud based voters and party workers management platform. Can be accessible from anywhere in the world! 100% features of Satta are available through this cloud based platform.
      Android App for Party Worker

      Android App for Party Worker

      Every registered party worker will have access to Android Application. Party worker can take responsibility of voters through this app and manage those voters information efficiently.
      Admin/Candidate Android App

      Admin/Candidate Android App

      This application is only accessible to candidate. All voters, party workers reports along with voting day reports of voters and many more analytical reports are available through this app.

      Easy to manage millions of voter information

      Get in touch with voters very fast through integrated SMS facility

      So many reports based on social analysis of voters which are very important for election

      Easy to manage thousands of party worker information

      Get in touch with party workers very fast through integrated SMS facility

      Assign responsibility of voters to party workers through which managing voters will be so easy.


      Let your Party Worker to work from anywhere in the world without location constraint! This app will allow party worker to manage voters information effeciently,
      get in touch with them and get voting done on the day of voting.

      Easy Installation

      Very simple installation and activation of the android app. Only registered party worker can activate the software and can use it.

      Simple Voter Data Collection

      Voter information is top most priority work needs to be done by every candidate. This app gives a very simple way to collect voter information through this app.

      Get in touch with Your Leader

      Every party worker want to be in touch with his/her leader. This app allows party worker to get in touch with his/her leader at one click.
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      Simple Voter Management

      Party worker can easily take responsibility of voters through this app. As a party worker, he/she can manage/collect all voters information through app.

      All Voter Reports

      Each and every kind of voter report along with charts are available through app. Also special reports for voting day are also add on facility which will make elections very easy to party workers.

      Synchronization with Cloud Server

      This app works with and without internet. All voter data is directly synchronized with Satta Cloud System.

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