KiT Auto Connect


As a businessman every incoming phone is important to us. But due to lack of time, we are unable to save that phone number to our contact diary for future use. Due to this either we loss business opportunity to such a valuable contacts in future. Considering this important need of business we are come up with excellent product called.. KiT-AutoConnect! Have a look at it!

Automatically Save Phone Number

On every incoming call, whether call is from landline or mobile number, phone number will get automatically saved on KiT-AutoConnect Server peramenently.

Auto Reply SMS on Incoming Call

For every incoming call, auto reply SMS will be sent from KiT-AutoConnect. SMS Can be sent in any langauge. SMS can be customized as per need. Only 1 SMS will be sent to 1 number in a day.

Create Reject/Ignore List of Contacts

Auto reply SMS can be stopped to specific mobile numbers by adding those numbers in Reject/Ignore List. Incoming call from such mobile numbers will get saved, but SMS will not be sent.